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(06:00 - 08:15) The Terminal on Sky Cinema Greats GB [Drama]
A businessman and his family are plagued by a difficult past and different values.
(06:00 - 08:00) Champion on Talking Pictures TV GB [Drama,Boxing,Mystery,Family] (1949)
Realistic story of the prize-fight business, about a ruthless, egotistical boxer.
(06:40 - 08:20) Breaking News in Yuba County on Sky Cinema Hits HDTV GB [Comedy,Drama,Crime,Comedy-drama] (2021)
Sue catches her husband having an affair?and he dies on the spot from a heart attack. She buries the body and reports him as missing. Her story soon gains traction in the local news, especially since her half-sister is a local news reporter trying to
(08:15 - 10:00) Legend on Sky Cinema Greats GB [Fantasy,Action/adventure,Sci-fi,Family] (1985)
A peasant hero battles a demonic underworld prince who seeks to plunge the world into an ice age. When the evil prince captures a fair maiden, the hero rallies an army of elves to save her, and defeat his diabolical foe once and for all.
(08:20 - 10:20) The Last Full Measure on Sky Cinema Hits HDTV GB [Drama,War,Homage,Military] (2020)
This film chronicles the true story of William H. Pitsenbarger, a U.S. Air Force medic who personally saved over sixty men before making the ultimate sacrifice in Vietnam's bloodiest battle. Three decades later, Pentagon staffer Scott Huffman investi
(09:10 - 10:40) Radio Cab Murder on Talking Pictures TV GB [Crime Drama] (1954)
An ex-con turned honest cabbie aids Scotland Yard in tracking down robbers. Myra: Lana Morris. Jean: Sonia Holm. Parker: Jack Allen. Spencer: Sam Kydd. Vernon Sewell directed.

(09:35 - 11:15) The Man Behind The Gun on TCM Movies GB (1953)
Action-packed Western with Randolph Scott undercover investigating the rebel secession movement in 1850s California. (1953)
(10:00 - 11:55) The Wizard of Oz on Sky Cinema Greats GB [Action/adventure,Fantasy,Children,Pop Culture Classic,Adaptation,Musical,Family] (1939)
Adaptation of L Frank Baum's classic about a Kansas girl's adventures in a magical fantasy world.
(10:20 - 12:05) Final Score on Sky Cinema Hits HDTV GB [Action/adventure,Drama,Suspense/thriller] (2018)
When armed terrorists abduct his niece and threaten to blow up the West Ham football stadium, ex-mercenary Michael Knox takes it upon himself to foil the plan and save the day before the ninety minutes are up. With the place on lockdown, Michael must
(11:00 - 12:55) Timberjack on Film4 HD GB (1955)
(1955) Joseph Kane's western with Sterling Hayden as Tim Chipman, an honest lumberman who returns home to avenge the murder of his father. Language of the era that may offend.
(11:00 - 12:50) Lord of the Elves on horror channel GB (2012)
When a peaceful village of hobbits is attacked and enslaved by a tribe of violent cannibals, a young warrior and his companions set off on a quest to seek help from the humans. (2012)
(11:55 - 13:55) Three Days of the Condor on Sky Cinema Greats GB [Mystery & Suspense,Drama] (1975)
Robert Redford plays a CIA researcher whose job somehow triggered the murder of seven of his colleagues.
(11:55 - 14:00) The Scarlet Pimpernel on Talking Pictures TV GB [Action/adventure,Costumer,Adaptation,Drama] (1934)
A British aristocrat poses as a foppish dandy by day and by night becomes a roguish master of disguises who saves French nobles from the Reign of Terror's guillotine.
(12:05 - 13:55) Whiplash on Sky Cinema Hits HDTV GB [Drama,Music] (2014)
A young jazz drummer is driven to the brink of insanity by his ruthless music teacher.
(12:55 - 15:00) Destroyer on Film4 HD GB (1943)
(1943) Second World War drama about a warship assigned to mail runs but that ends up engaged in battle anyway, starring Edward G Robinson, Glenn Ford and Marguerite Chapman.
(13:00 - 14:50) Super Storm on horror channel GB (2012)
Stormy sci-fi action. When an unexplained event causes a series of huge storms to destroy cities across planet Earth, its up to one boy and his science project to save the day. (2012)
(13:30 - 15:35) Three Violent People on TCM Movies GB (1956)
Two brothers and the wife of one, seething about the pillaging by a ruthless and greedy provisional government, become involved in conflict. (1956)
(13:55 - 16:05) No Country for Old Men on Sky Cinema Greats GB [Mystery & Suspense,Drama,Adaptation,Crime] (2007)
A violent crime opus set in 1980 West Texas, where a man finds a fortune in drug loot, and tries to dodge a sheriff and a bounty hunter out to recover it.
(13:55 - 15:40) Bad Neighbours 2 on Sky Cinema Hits HDTV GB [Comedy,Sequel,Family Issues] (2016)
Young parents Mac and Kelly find that their neighbour troubles are far from over when a hedonistic sorority moves in next door just as they're about to sell their house.
(15:00 - 17:10) Wake of the Red Witch on Film4 HD GB (1948)
(1948) Adventure. John Wayne plays the sadistic, two-fisted captain of the ship Red Witch, who still desires the woman (Gail Russell) who spurned him for the vessel's owner (Luther Adler).
(15:10 - 17:00) Wing and a Prayer on Talking Pictures TV GB [Drama,Action/adventure,War] (1944)
Action aboard an aircraft carrier during WWII.
(15:40 - 17:40) Dream Horse on Sky Cinema Hits HDTV GB [Drama,Comedy] (2020)
This comedy film is about Jan Vokes, a Welsh bartender who comes up with the idea of breeding a horse intended for racing. Since she lives in a town that is down on its luck, her neighbors start pitching in and participate in financing for the horse.
(16:00 - 17:50) Jet Stream on horror channel GB (2013)
Stormy sci-fi action with Primeval's Ruth Kearney. A TV weatherman is recruited by government scientists to help contain powerful freak winds before they converge and destroy the planet. (2013)
(16:05 - 18:15) Jurassic Park on Sky Cinema Greats GB [Action/adventure,Fantasy,Sci-fi,Adaptation,Suspense/thriller] (1993)
Genetically engineered dinosaurs run wild on a remote island. It's up to a paleontologist, a paleobotanist and a mathematician to outmanoeuvre the deadly beasts and find their way back to civilisation.
(17:00 - 19:05) A Thunder of Drums on TCM Movies GB (1961)
McQuade is a rookie at a desert outpost under a tough Captain, facing a rival for his fiance and a renegade tribe on the warpath. He must learn fast! (1961)
(17:10 - 18:45) The Duel at Silver Creek on Film4 HD GB (1952)
(1952) Western starring Audie Murphy, Stephen McNally, Faith Domergue and Susan Cabot. A gunslinger and a marshal join forces to hunt a violent gang of claim jumpers. But betrayal awaits.
(17:40 - 20:00) Hulk on Sky Cinema Hits HDTV GB [Other,Sci-fi,Adaptation,Suspense/thriller] (2003)
An ambitious adaptation of the Marvel comic about a genetically mutated scientist whose massive green alter ego is targeted by the military.
(18:15 - 20:00) The Warriors on Sky Cinema Greats GB [Action/adventure] (1955)
The tale of 14th-century battles between Prince Edward of England and Count DeVille of France, as the end of the 100 Years' War nears.
(18:20 - 20:00) Doctor Who and the Daleks on Talking Pictures TV GB [Sci-fi]
Sci-fi adventure based on the TV series, starring Peter Cushing, Roy Castle, Jennie Linden and Roberta Tovey.
(18:45 - 21:00) The Post on Film4 HD GB (2018)
(2018) Steven Spielberg's political thriller based on true events, with Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks. The Washington Post takes on the US Government over a cover-up about the Vietnam War.
(19:05 - 21:00) Murder Ahoy on TCM Movies GB (1964)
Miss Marple and her assistant unravel a murder at the naval academy. (1964)
(20:00 - 22:15) Moneyball on Sky Cinema Greats GB [Drama,Baseball,Comedy-drama,Docudrama] (2011)
Baseball general manager Billy Beane reinvents the Oakland A's by employing unorthodox scouting methods that initially make him a laughing-stock in the major leagues.
(20:00 - 22:35) Dune on Sky Cinema Hits HDTV GB [Action/adventure,Drama,Fantasy,Sci-fi,Adaptation] (1984)
In the year 10,191, an emperor rules the universe consisting of two rival factions, and power relies on control of a magic spice.
(21:00 - 23:20) Deadpool 2 on Film4 HD GB (2018) [15]
(2018) Super-violent action-comedy sequel. Ryan Reynolds returns as the can-of-whup-ass-opening superhero, who this time faces baddie Josh Brolin. Not for children: very strong language.
(21:00 - 22:55) The Toybox on horror channel GB (2018) [18]
Haunted house horror on wheels with Denise Richards. An estranged family set off on a cross-country road trip in a secondhand RV, only to discover their vehicle has other plans for them. (2018)
(21:00 - 22:45) Carry On Columbus on Talking Pictures TV GB [Action/adventure,Comedy,Drama] (1992)
The "Carry On" series spoofs the explorations of Columbus , who is greeted in the New World by Indians with Brooklyn accents! Bart: Peter Richardson. Achmed: Alexei Sayle. Fatima: Sara Crowe. Mendoza: Bernard Cribbins.
(21:00 - 23:10) Maximum Risk on TCM Movies GB (1996) [18]
A man steps into his deceased brother's world only to find himself running from the same fate that claimed his twin. (1996)
(22:15 - 01:05) Saving Private Ryan on Sky Cinema Greats GB [Drama,Action/adventure,War] (1998)
A US Army captain leads a mission to rescue a GI trapped behind enemy lines in France on D-Day after all three of the soldier's brothers are killed in action. As the search commences, the close-knit squad sets out through areas still thick with Nazis
(22:35 - 00:30) Baby Driver on Sky Cinema Hits HDTV GB [Action/adventure,Comedy-drama,Police] (2017)
A partially deaf getaway driver gets caught up in a botched heist.
(22:45 - 00:35) The Seventh Veil on Talking Pictures TV GB [Drama] (1945)
Romantic interludes in the life of a piano virtuoso reared by a nasty guardian . Larsen: Herbert Lom. Peter: Hugh McDermott. Leyden: Albert Lieven. Screenplay by Muriel and Sydney Box . Compton Bennett directed. The film made a star of Mason.
(22:55 - 00:45) Re-animator on horror channel GB (1985) [18]
Classic comic horror based on an H.P. Lovecraft story. A medical student and his girlfriend become involved in bizarre experiments on giving new life to dead tissue with gory results. (1985)
(23:00 - 01:00) Armed Response (2017) on SYFY HD GB (2017)
A military unit attempting to find out what killed their predecessors find themselves trapped in a compound as strange events begin to take place. (2017)
(23:10 - 01:25) Dumb and Dumber on TCM Movies GB (1994) [15]
Lloyd and Harry are a pair of dim-witted pals on a road trip to return a briefcase to Lloyd's dream girl, Mary Swanson, unaware that it contains a ransom for her kidnapped husband. (1994)
(23:20 - 01:35) Dark River on Film4 HD GB (2017) [15]
(2017) Drama with Ruth Wilson. Following her father's death, a woman returns to Yorkshire to claim the tenancy of the family farm she believes is hers. Strong language/adult themes.
(23:45 - 01:25) All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite || 13/05/2022 on ITV Yorkshire GB [Repeat,Pro Wrestling,Sports Stuff]
Hard-hitting action from the world of All Elite Wrestling, featuring all of the biggest stars on the roster, including Adam Page, Chris Jericho, CM Punk and Jon Moxley.