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(06:00 - 07:40) Jack McCall Desperado on Sony Movies Action GB [Western] (1953)
CAST:Fred Carson, Eugene Iglesias, Jack Perrin
(06:00 - 07:45) What A Carve Up! on Sony Movies Classic GB [Comedy,Horror,Mystery] (1961)
CAST:Timothy Bateson, George Woodbridge, Michael Gough
(06:10 - 08:00) Hart To Hart: Crimes Of The Hart on Sony Channel GB (1994)
The suave crime-solving couple visit New York and uncover a plot to sabotage a Broadway production. (1994)
(07:20 - 09:00) Thunder in the City on Talking Pictures TV GB [Comedy,Drama,Crime,Romance] (1937)
1937. Comedy. Stars Edward G. Robinson, Nigel Bruce, Constance Collier & Ralph Richardson. A visiting American engages in a bold business promotion, the likes of which the British have never seen. CAST:Everley Gregg, Annie Esmond, Cyril Raymond
(07:40 - 09:15) Masterson of Kansas on Sony Movies Action GB [Western,Action/adventure] (1954)
CAST:Nancy Gates, Benny Rubin, Gregg Martell
(07:45 - 09:40) They Live by Night on Sony Movies Classic GB [Crime Drama,Romance] (1948)
CAST:Suzi Crandall, Marie Bryant, Will Lee
(08:00 - 09:30) UK HOTLIST Top 20 on 4Music GB [Premiere,Music Videos]
We count down the UK's most streamed tracks of the week, as compiled by Spotify.
(08:00 - 09:50) Warbirds on horror channel GB (2008)
Monster-movie mashup starring Brian Krause (Charmed). WWII pilots are blown off course during a storm and left to battle prehistoric giants on a mysterious island. (2008)
(09:40 - 12:05) The Taming of the Shrew on Sony Movies Classic GB [Comedy,Drama,Romance] (1967)
CAST:Gianni Magni, Alfred Lynch, Liana del Balzo
(11:00 - 13:00) The Big Weekly Round Up on 4Music GB [Premiere,Music Videos]
Join entertainment guru Lucy Jones as she rounds up the biggest music, telly and pop culture gossip of the week - all alongside a massive pop playlist!
(11:00 - 12:40) Horton Hears a Who! on Film4 HD GB (2008)
(2008) Animated family adventure based on the Dr Seuss book. Horton the elephant, voiced by Jim Carrey, sets out to save the minuscule planet of the Whos from destruction.
(11:30 - 13:25) Pride and Prejudice on BBC 2 HDTV GB [Comedy-drama,Adaptation,Romance,Family,Costumer,Literature] (1940) [6+]
Adaptation of Jane Austen's classic 1813 novel about romance and mores in pre-Victorian English society revolves around five middle-class sisters being courted by a variety of suitors. Of special note is the fractious relationship between spirited El
(12:00 - 14:00) The Scarlet Pimpernel on Talking Pictures TV GB [Action/adventure,Drama] (1934)
Drama. Stars Leslie Howard, Merle Oberon & Raymond Massey. A mysterious Englishman travels to Paris to rescue French aristocrats from the guillotine. CAST:Joan Gardner, Merle Oberon, O.B. Clarence
(12:05 - 14:15) Jane Eyre on Sony Movies Classic GB [Drama,Romance] (1943)
CAST:Joan Fontaine, Barbara Everest, Alan Edmiston
(12:40 - 14:30) Capture the Flag on Film4 HD GB (2015)
(2015) Animation. When a power-crazy billionaire hatches a plan to claim the Moon as his own property, a girl, a boy and his grumpy ex-astronaut grandad embark on a mission to stop him.
(13:40 - 15:10) Battle of Rogue River on Sony Movies Action GB [Western,Drama,Romance] (1954)
(14:15 - 16:05) The Detective on Sony Movies Classic GB [Crime Drama,Comedy,Drama] (1954)
Father Brown investigates the disappearance of expensive works of art. But this particular thief knows what he is doing! Stars Alec Guinness and Peter Finch. CAST:Alec Guinness, Guido Lorraine, Peter Finch
(14:25 - 16:30) Brideshead Revisited on BBC 2 HDTV GB [Drama,Adaptation] (2008)
A young Englishman is seduced by his schoolmate's great wealth and aristocratic family in this adaptation of Evelyn Waugh's popular 1945 novel. CAST:Emma Thompson, Michael Gambon, Greta Scacchi
(14:30 - 16:15) Carry On Regardless on Film4 HD GB (1961)
(1961) Comedy charting the outlandish adventures of the workers at an agency that will take on any job, however bizarre. Starring Sid James, Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey and Joan Sims.
(15:00 - 16:50) Bermuda Tentacles on horror channel GB (2014)
Horror starring Trevor Donovan. On a mission to locate the U.S. president, a rescue team battles an ancient monster in the Bermuda Triangle. (2014)
(15:10 - 16:45) Revolt at Fort Laramie on Sony Movies Action GB [Western,Preteen] (1957)
CAST:Harry Dean Stanton, Eddie Little Sky, Kenne Duncan
(15:10 - 17:15) Woman Hater on Talking Pictures TV GB [Premiere,Other] (1948)
Romantic Comedy. Stars Stewart Granger, Ronald Squire, Dandy Nichols & Irene Handl. Lord Datchett tries to lure a French film star into an experimental romance. CAST:Miles Malleson, Michael Medwin, Anne Holland
(16:05 - 18:55) The Robe on Sony Movies Classic GB [Drama,History] (1953)
CAST:Joan Corbett, Leon Askin, Michael Rennie
(16:15 - 18:20) Home Alone 3 on Film4 HD GB (1997)
(1997) Comedy sequel. Alex D. Linz stars as a resourceful boy who's stranded at home with chickenpox when a top-secret military microchip comes his way. Can he keep it safe from crooks?
(16:45 - 19:20) Fort Apache on Sony Movies Action GB [Action/adventure,Children,Western,Preteen] (1948)
CAST:Shirley Temple, John Wayne, Mae Marsh
(16:50 - 18:40) The Day The Earth Stopped on horror channel GB (2008)
Futuristic tale of dread. Intergalactic robots threaten to destroy the Earth unless they are shown the value of humanity. Can anyone restore order before the planet is blasted to smithereens? (2008)
(18:00 - 20:00) One Good Turn on Talking Pictures TV GB [Comedy] (1954)
Norman is the oldest orphan at Greenwood Children's Home and now acts as their caretaker when he discovers a property developer, who is also the chairman of the board, wants to close the orphanage.
(18:20 - 21:00) Ghostbusters on Film4 HD GB (2016)
(2016) Fantasy comedy remake with Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. Four women try to stop an army of badly behaved spectres from invading New York.
(18:30 - 21:00) Star Trek Into Darkness on Channel 4 GB (2013)
(2013) Sci-fi action-adventure starring Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Benedict Cumberbatch. Kirk loses command of the Enterprise and a renegade operative threatens Starfleet. Violence.
(18:40 - 20:30) Nostradamus on horror channel GB (2000)
Apocalyptic action adventure. A homicide detective must partner with an oddball FBI agent to track an apparently time-travelling assassin hell-bent on summoning the spirit of Nostradamus. (2000)
(18:55 - 21:00) Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters on E4 HD GB (2013)
(2013) Fantasy adventure sequel with Logan Lerman. Percy Jackson, the half-human son of the god Poseidon, sets out to find the magical Golden Fleece in the Sea of Monsters.
(18:55 - 21:00) The Deadly Affair on Sony Movies Classic GB [Mystery & Suspense,Drama,Crime,Mystery,Romance] (1967)
A British intelligence officer sets out to solve the mystery surrounding the sudden suicide of a British government employee, suspecting foul play. Stars James Mason, Simone Signoret. CAST:Harriet Andersson, Harry Andrews, Kenneth Haigh
(19:20 - 21:00) War Drums on Sony Movies Action GB [Western,Action/adventure,Drama,Romance] (1957)
Goldminers instigate war with the Apache Indians just as civil war breaks out. Stars Lex Barker. CAST:Jack Hupp, Fred Sherman, Larry Chance
(20:00 - 22:00) Easy Money on Talking Pictures TV GB [Premiere,Other] (1948)
Comedy. Stars Greta Gynt, Dennis Price, Jack Warner & Petula Clark. Four tales about the effect a major Pools win has on four different sets of people. CAST:Angela Allen
(21:00 - 23:20) Star Trek Beyond on Channel 4 GB (2016) [12]
(2016) Sci-fi adventure starring Chris Pine. Just as Captain Kirk is becoming bored and disillusioned with his job, the USS Enterprise is sent on an unexpectedly eventful mission.
(21:00 - 23:45) Red Sparrow on Film4 HD GB (2018) [15]
(2018) Dark action-thriller. Jennifer Lawrence stars as a ballerina forced to join an elite Russian unit of spies. Brutal violence/strong language/nudity/sexual violence/sexual scenes.
(21:00 - 22:50) Howl on horror channel GB (2015) [18]
Fantasy horror starring Shauna Macdonald (The Descent). Passengers on a train must band together in order to survive when a mysterious creature attacks. (2015)
(21:00 - 22:55) The Hatton Garden Job on Sony Movies Action GB [Crime Drama,Action/adventure,Suspense/thriller] (2017)
CAST:Stephen Moyer, Joely Richardson, Larry Lamb
(21:00 - 23:15) The Graduate on Sony Movies Classic GB [Drama,Comedy,Romance,Teens] (1967)
Young and confused Benjamin Braddock just finished college and is urged by his family to start a career and settle down, even though he has no real plans for his future. A female friend of his parents, Mrs Robinson, seduces him and things get really
(22:00 - 23:50) Never Love a Stranger on Talking Pictures TV GB [Crime Drama,Drama,Romance] (1958)
Crime. Stars John Drew Barrymore, Steve McQueen & Robert Bray. An orphan raised in the Catholic faith turns to crime and becomes New York's top boss.
(22:05 - 23:35) The Fifth Element on Paramount GB (1997)
Sci-fi adventure starring Bruce Willis and Gary Oldman. In the 23rd century, a jaded New York cab driver finds himself in the middle of a battle between good and evil. (1997)
(22:50 - 00:50) Hellbound: Hellraiser II on horror channel GB (1988) [18]
After the Cenobites kill her father, Kirsty Cotton is taken to hospital. But her psychologist has been searching for the gateway to hell himself. (1988)
(22:55 - 00:45) Mercenary: Absolution on Sony Movies Action GB [Action/adventure,Crime,Suspense/thriller] (2015)
When a contract killer encounters a girl on the run from a mob boss , he is torn between protecting her and staying loyal to the government agency that hired him. CAST:George Remes, Byron Mann, Claudiu Bleont
(23:00 - 01:55) Apocalypse Now on BBC 2 HDTV GB [Drama,Action/adventure,Adaptation,War,Guy Flick] (1979) [14+]
In this Vietnam epic, Martin Sheen into the heart of darkness to "terminate" a renegade Green Beret. CAST:Harrison Ford, Francis Ford Coppola, Larry Fishburne
(23:15 - 01:20) The Blue Lagoon on Sony Movies Classic GB [Drama,Romance,Action/adventure,Preteen] (1980)
CAST:Brooke Shields, Leo McKern, Gert Jacoby
(23:20 - 01:25) Invictus on BBC 1 HDTV GB [Drama,Rugby,Profile,History,Politics] (2009)
President Nelson Mandela inspires the South African rugby team to strive for the World Cup in hopes of soothing the country's racial tensions. As rugby captain Francois Pienaar leads his team on a winning streak, the people of South Africa are brough
(23:20 - 01:25) Transporter 3 on Channel 4 GB (2008) [15]
(2008) Violent action-thriller with Jason Statham. Terrorists hire a courier to drive a kidnapped woman across Europe, on a journey that gets ever more dangerous. Strong language/violence.
(23:45 - 01:50) Carrie on Film4 HD GB (1976) [18]
(1976) Classic horror, based on Stephen King's novel, with Sissy Spacek. A teenager who is bullied at school uses her telekinetic powers to wreak gory revenge. Sex/nudity/strong language.
(23:50 - 02:25) The Cotton Club on Talking Pictures TV GB [Crime Drama,Drama,Music,Preteen] (1984)
The Cotton Club was a famous night club in Harlem. The story follows the people who visited the club, those who ran it, and is peppered with the Jazz music that made it so famous. CAST:Nicolas Cage, Laurence Fishburne, Richard Gere