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(06:05 - 07:50) Kiss the Bride Goodbye on Talking Pictures TV GB [Other,Romance,Comedy] (1944)
Lucy wakes up thinking she's late to her wedding with ex-boyfriend Zach. Yet she has no recollection of the past two years - and is in for a surprise. CAST:Ann Kennington, Noel Dainton, Beatrice Marsden
(07:20 - 09:35) Sinbad the Sailor on Sony Movies Action GB [Action/adventure,Fantasy,Romance,Preteen] (1947)
The great swashbuckler Douglas Fairbanks Jr, with Maureen O'Hara in one of the great adventure stories. A tall tale of monsters and treasure maps, marvellous fun. CAST:Maureen O'Hara, Leslie Charles, Walter Slezak
(08:00 - 09:55) Crack Up on Sony Movies Classic GB [Crime Drama,Drama,Crime] (1946)
A famous art critic is convinced he has been involved in a train crash. But the train crash never happened - or did it? Pat O'Brien, Claire Trevor and Herbert Marshall star.
(09:00 - 10:50) My Husband Is Missing on Sony Movies GB [Crime Drama,Drama,Suspense/thriller,Crime] (2016)
When her husband is kidnapped, Anne finds herself and her family caught up in a dangerous situation. Stars Daphne Zuniga and Nicole Munoz. CAST:Daphne Zuniga, Aaron Pearl, Chris Robson
(09:25 - 10:55) Holby City || Old Habits on Drama GB [Drama,Medicine,Preteen] (2010)
(13/38) New: Chrissie puts a feud with Dan aside to help complete a dangerous procedure. Sahira suspects Greg is harbouring a dark secret. Michael is attracted to Lulu. CAST:Rosie Marcel, Lauren Drummond, Sarah-Jane Potts
(10:00 - 12:00) Biggest Collabs Of the 10s on 4Music GB [Premiere,Music Videos]
(10:10 - 12:00) Riddled with Deceit: A Martha's Vineyard Mystery on 5SELECT GB [Crime Drama,Drama,Mystery,Crime] (2020)
CAST:Jesse Metcalfe, Bradley Stryker, Yolanda Corbett
(11:00 - 13:00) The Perfect Assistant on Sony Movies GB [Mystery & Suspense,Crime,Mystery,Suspense/thriller] (2008)
A woman becomes obsessively infatuated with her boss, and when his wife becomes ill, she sees an opportunity to seduce him. CAST:Rachel Hunter, Josie Davis, Paul Hopkins
(11:40 - 13:20) Battle Stations on Sony Movies Action GB [Other,Drama,War] (1956)
The crew of a US Navy ship in WWII goes into battle against the Japanese fleet. William Bendix stars. CAST:Jack Kenney, John Lund, Pat Conway
(12:10 - 14:00) Walk the Proud Land on Paramount GB [Western,Profile,History] (1956)
Western drama starring Audie Murphy and Anne Bancroft. The true story of an ex-soldier who tries to mediate between the Apaches and settlers in 19th-century America. CAST:Anne Bancroft, Bernie Gozier, Eugene Iglesias
(12:15 - 14:00) Carlton-Browne of the F.O. on Talking Pictures TV GB [Comedy] (1959)
1959. Comedy. Directors Roy Boulting, Jeffrey Dell. Stars Terry-Thomas, Peter Sellers, Luciana Paluzzi. A former British colony in need of economic aid tries to play the British against the Soviets. CAST:Peter Sellers, Basil Dignam, Margaret Lacey
(13:00 - 14:50) Nuclear Hurricane on Sony Movies GB [Action/adventure,Sci-fi,Suspense/thriller,Teens] (2007)
A gigantic hurricane descends on the secure Seaview nuclear power plant. But why is this storm posing such a problem? Stars Jamie Luner. CAST:Jamie Luner, Erin Gray, Jillian McWhirter
(13:20 - 14:55) Apache Territory on Sony Movies Action GB [Western,Action/adventure] (1958)
A drifter crossing the Arizona desert routs a band of marauding Apaches and rescues the young survivor of a massacre. Staring Rory Calhoun, Barbara Bates and John Dehner. CAST:Regis Parton, Leo Gordon, Tom Pittman
(14:00 - 16:00) The Spikes Gang on Paramount GB [Western,Children,Drama,Teens] (1974)
Western starring Lee Marvin and Gary Grimes. Three farm boys in the Old West help a wounded bank robber, who teaches him the trade. CAST:Ron Howard, Bert Conway, Robert Beatty
(14:45 - 17:25) The Singer Not the Song on Talking Pictures TV GB [Drama,Western,Crime] (1961)
CAST:Eric Pohlmann, Patricia Plunkett, Philip Gilbert
(14:50 - 16:30) Earthtastrophe on Sony Movies GB [Action/adventure,Sci-fi,Suspense/thriller] (2016)
When planet Earth is sucked into a terrifying wormhole, there's one survivor who can hopefully set things right. Stars Andrew Katers and Alexa Mansour. CAST:Tonya Kay, Jose Rosete, Brian Krause
(14:55 - 17:15) Ambush Bay on Sony Movies Action GB [Drama,War] (1966)
A US marine patrol seek the aid of Filipino guerrillas when they attempt to return to their lines on a Japanese-held island. Stars Hugh O'Brian, Mickey Rooney and James Mitchum. CAST:Mickey Rooney, Peter Masterson, Juris Sulit
(16:40 - 19:05) Krull on Sony Movies GB [Fantasy,Action/adventure,Sci-fi] (1983)
Peter Yates, tworca Garderobianego czy Bullitta, nie storni od roznorodnych gatunkow filmowych. Do kazdego z nich, nawet tych kojarzonych z kinem komercyjnym, podchodzi z duza dbaloscia realizacyjna, nasycajac obraz wlasnymi pomyslami. Krull z 1983 j
(17:15 - 19:10) Hell Boats on Sony Movies Action GB [Drama] (1970)
Aiding the British Royal Navy, an American commander is assigned to blockade the island of Malta and destroy a Nazi arsenal located in Sicily. Stars James Franciscus and Elizabeth Shepherd. CAST:Takis Emmanuel, John G. Heller, Moultrie Kelsall
(19:05 - 21:00) Bridge to Terabithia on Sony Movies GB [Drama,Fantasy,Family,Children] (2007)
Two 12-year-old neighbours escape into an incredible fantasy world to get away from the bullies who torment them. Stars Josh Hutcherson, AnnaSophia Robb, Robert Patrick and Zooey Deschanel. CAST:AnnaSophia Robb, Josh Hutcherson, Zooey Deschanel
(19:10 - 21:00) Polar Storm on Sony Movies Action GB [Sci-fi,Action/adventure,Drama,Suspense/thriller] (2009)
Storm-based sci-fi. It's up to scientist Dr James Mayfield to save the day when a violent storm threatens Earth's magnetic poles. CAST:Tyler Johnston, Dean Redman, Marsha Regis
(21:00 - 23:10) Cradle 2 the Grave on Paramount GB [Action/adventure,Drama,Teens,Suspense/thriller,Crime] (2003)
Professional robber and secret agent have to join their efforts in a fight against dreadful mafia gangs. Black diamonds from Taiwan are on the line. First they are stolen by Anthony Fait, resulting in the kidnapping of his daughter organised by the a
(21:00 - 22:55) Flight of Fury on Sony Movies Action GB [Action/adventure,Suspense/thriller] (2007)
Secret ops airman Steven Seagal battles enemy agents to retrieve a stolen top-secret plane before it reaches terrorist hands. CAST:Cristina Teodorescu, Angus MacInnes, Bart Sidles
(21:00 - 22:55) Premium Rush on Sony Movies GB [Action/adventure,Suspense/thriller,Crime] (2012)
Action thriller, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Michael Shannon. A New York City bicycle messenger's last pick-up of the day - a routine "premium rush" - includes a highly valuable ticket, and when a corrupt cop sets his sights on the package, the
(21:05 - 22:50) All Coppers Are on Talking Pictures TV GB [Drama] (1972)
A young policeman and a small-time crook are both involved with the same girl. CAST:Eddie Byrne, Nicky Henson, Clifford Earl
(22:50 - 00:35) Fade In on Talking Pictures TV GB [Drama,Western] (1973)
Western. Stars Burt Reynolds, Barbara Loden & Patricia Casey. A Hollywood film editor falls for a local cowboy who is hired to work on her film. CAST:Terence Stamp, Ricardo Montalban, James Hampton
(22:55 - 00:45) Diamond Dogs on Sony Movies Action GB [Action/adventure] (2007)
Ex-Special Forces officer Dolph Lundgren leads a group of treasure hunters on a dangerous mission to find a priceless artefact. CAST:Dolph Lundgren, Slavi Slavov, William Shriver
(23:10 - 01:10) Fearless on Paramount GB [Action/adventure,Drama,Profile] (2006)
A martial arts expert seeks to rebuild his reputation after an error of judgment leads to his master's death. CAST:Michelle Yeoh, Brandon Rhea, Jean Claude Leuyer
(23:20 - 01:40) Taggart || Out of Bounds on Drama GB [Crime Drama,Drama,Crime] (1998)
(14/2) Tough crime action from one of the most successful police dramas of all time. The discovery of a skeleton at a boarding school triggers a series of murders. CAST:Sarah Winman, Stuart Sinclair Blyth, Robert Gwilym