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(06:00 - 07:30) Masterson of Kansas on Sony Movies Action GB [Western,Action/adventure] (1954)
CAST:Nancy Gates, Benny Rubin, Gregg Martell
(06:00 - 08:15) The Last Hurrah on Sony Movies Classic GB [Comedy,Drama] (1958)
A veteran Irish-American mayor prepares for one final electoral campaign in this characterful drama from director John Ford. Spencer Tracy stars. CAST:Spencer Tracy, Edward Brophy, John Carradine
(07:15 - 09:05) Chance Meeting on Talking Pictures TV GB [Crime Drama,Drama,Mystery,Suspense/thriller] (1959)
1959. Thriller. Directed by Joseph Losey. Starring Stanley Baker & Micheline Presle. The mistress of a struggling artist is killed and inspector Morgan investigates a complex case. CAST:George Roubicek, Lee Montague, Shirley Davien
(08:00 - 09:30) UK HOTLIST Top 20 on 4Music GB [Premiere,Music Videos]
We count down the UK's most streamed tracks of the week, as compiled by Spotify.
(08:15 - 10:35) Sinbad the Sailor on Sony Movies Classic GB [Action/adventure,Fantasy,Romance,Preteen] (1947)
CAST:Maureen O'Hara, Leslie Charles, Walter Slezak
(08:50 - 11:10) Major Dundee on Sony Movies Action GB [Western,Action/adventure] (1965)
Starring Charlton Heston, Richard Harris and Jim Hutton. Directed by Sam Peckinpah. In 1864, due to frequent Apache raids from Mexico into the U.S., a Union officer decides to illegally cross the border and destroy the Apache, using a mixed army of U
(09:05 - 10:40) Old Mother Riley Detective on Talking Pictures TV GB [Premiere,Other] (1943)
Comedy. Stars Arthur Lucan, Kitty McShane & Peggy Cummins. Riley investigates the disappearance of food during the war, a serious crime because of rationing. CAST:Ernest Metcalfe, Noel Dainton, Louise Nolan
(10:00 - 12:00) The Big Weekly Round Up on 4Music GB [Premiere,Music Videos]
Join entertainment guru Lucy Jones as she rounds up the biggest music, telly and pop culture gossip of the week - all alongside a massive pop playlist!

(10:35 - 12:45) The End of the Affair on Sony Movies Classic GB [Drama,Romance] (1955)
Adaptation of the Graham Greene novel about two star-crossed lovers whose short affair begins and ends as tumultuously as the Second World War. Stars Deborah Kerr, Van Johnson, Peter Cushing. CAST:Deborah Kerr, David Bird, Edwin Ellis
(10:40 - 13:00) Odd Man Out on Talking Pictures TV GB [Drama,Crime,Suspense/thriller] (1947)
1947. Thriller. Director: Carol Reed. Stars Robert Newton, James Mason, Fay Compton & William Hartnell. Johnny McQueen, the idealist leader of an illegal organisation, has escaped from prison. CAST:William Hartnell, Maureen Cusack, Kathleen Ryan
(11:00 - 12:35) 7th Cavalry on Film4 HD GB (1956)
(1956) Western. Randolph Scott stars as a cavalry officer who's accused of cowardice when he can't prove why he wasn't present at the Little Big Horn massacre.
(11:00 - 12:50) Bermuda Tentacles on horror channel GB (2014)
Horror starring Trevor Donovan. On a mission to locate the U.S. president, a rescue team battles an ancient monster in the Bermuda Triangle. (2014)
(12:35 - 14:15) Buchanan Rides Alone on Film4 HD GB (1958)
(1958) Western. Randolph Scott stars as a drifter who arrives in a small border town and tangles with a group of villains after helping a wealthy young Mexican, played by Manuel Rojas.
(12:45 - 14:35) Every Time We Say Goodbye on Sony Movies Classic GB [Drama,Romance,War] (1986)
Tom Hanks plays a dashing pilot recovering from an injury in Israel. He meets a quiet Jewish girl and falls in love, but their religions could become a barrier. CAST:Tom Hanks, Orit Weisman, David Menachem
(13:00 - 14:50) Ice Sharks on horror channel GB (2016)
Sci-fi creature-feature. When a new breed of sharks attack an Arctic research station, those inside must find a way to fight off the terrifying sea monsters. (2016)
(13:15 - 14:55) War Drums on Sony Movies Action GB [Western,Action/adventure,Drama,Romance] (1957)
Goldminers instigate war with the Apache Indians just as civil war breaks out. Stars Lex Barker. CAST:Jack Hupp, Fred Sherman, Larry Chance
(13:20 - 15:20) Thunder in the East on Talking Pictures TV GB [Other,Romance] (1934)
War Drama. Stars Alan Ladd, Deborah Kerr & Charles Boyer. In India, 1947, Europeans are scrambling to evacuate Ghandahar, which is besieged by a local warlord. CAST:Merle Oberon, Betty Stockfeld, John Loder
(14:15 - 16:00) Murder At The Mansion on Channel 5 GB (2018)
Thriller starring Anna Hutchinson and Melissa Bolona. As her wedding day approaches, a woman uncovers some deadly secrets at the family home of her fiance. (2018)
(14:15 - 16:50) The Man Who Would Be King on Film4 HD GB (1975)
(1975) Sean Connery and Michael Caine star as ex-soldiers in 1880s India who aim to establish a kingdom of riches in the remote wilderness. Not suitable for young children.
(14:35 - 16:45) Dead Reckoning on Sony Movies Classic GB [Crime Drama,Drama,Suspense/thriller] (1947)
A war veteran becomes entangled in the search for a fellow soldier's killer after they travel to Washington together to receive the Medal of Honor. Humphrey Bogart and Lizabeth Scott star. CAST:Humphrey Bogart, Joe Gilbert, Harry Denny
(14:55 - 17:00) Commandos Strike at Dawn on Sony Movies Action GB [Drama,War] (1942)
CAST:Barbara Everest, Richard Derr, Ann Carter
(16:00 - 17:50) Warbirds on horror channel GB (2008)
Monster-movie mashup starring Brian Krause (Charmed). WWII pilots are blown off course during a storm and left to battle prehistoric giants on a mysterious island. (2008)
(16:45 - 18:50) Sirocco on Sony Movies Classic GB [Action/adventure,Drama,Romance] (1951)
The gun smuggler's loyalty is tested when he falls for the mistress of the French colonel who fights against a determined Syrian resistance force. CAST:Humphrey Bogart, Nick Dennis, Al Eben
(16:50 - 19:05) The Return of the Pink Panther on Film4 HD GB (1975)
(1975) Crime comedy starring Peter Sellers as the bumbling Inspector Clouseau. When the Pink Panther diamond is stolen, everyone suspects that The Phantom jewel thief has struck again.
(17:00 - 19:05) The Gift Horse on Sony Movies Action GB [Drama,Action/adventure,War] (1952)
CAST:Sonny Tufts, Michael Ashlin, Dora Bryan
(18:05 - 20:05) The Angry Silence on Talking Pictures TV GB [Drama] (1960)
Drama. Director: Guy Green. Stars: Richard Attenborough, Pier Angeli, Michael Craig & Bernard Lee. Tom Curtis works at a factory but refuses to participate in an unofficial strike. CAST:Beckett Bould, Karal Gardner, Noel Hood
(18:50 - 21:00) The African Queen on Sony Movies Classic GB [Action/adventure,Romance,War,Drama,Preteen] (1951)
CAST:Humphrey Bogart, Katharine Hepburn, Robert Morley
(19:05 - 21:00) Nutty Professor II: The Klumps on Film4 HD GB (2000)
(2000) Outrageous, cheeky comedy. Eddie Murphy returns as Sherman Klump, Buddy Love and the Klumps. Sherman is getting married but his alter-ego Buddy keeps showing up at the wrong moment.
(19:05 - 21:00) Air Collision on Sony Movies Action GB [Action/adventure,Suspense/thriller] (2012)
CAST:Jordan Ladd, Darin Cooper, Korey Simeone
(21:00 - 23:05) Upgrade on Film4 HD GB (2018) [15]
(2018) Fast-paced sci-fi thriller. A man paralysed in a violent attack gets back the use of his limbs... and so much more, from a microchip implant. Graphic, gory violence/strong language.
(21:00 - 22:55) A Lonely Place to Die on horror channel GB (2011) [18]
British crime thriller with Triangle's Melissa George. A group of hikers rescue a girl trapped in a chamber, but soon find themselves pursued by the ruthless kidnappers who put her there. (2011)
(21:00 - 22:55) The Hunter's Prayer on Sony Movies Action GB [Action/adventure,Suspense/thriller,Crime,Drama,Teens] (2017)
An assassin helps a young woman avenge the death of her family. Stars Allen Leech and Martin Compston. CAST:Sam Worthington, Allen Leech, Andrew Brooke
(21:00 - 23:45) The Barefoot Contessa on Sony Movies Classic GB [Drama,Crime,Romance] (1954)
CAST:Humphrey Bogart, Gertrude Flynn, Riccardo Rioli
(21:00 - 23:30) Nijinsky on Talking Pictures TV GB [Drama,Romance] (1980)
CAST:Jeremy Irons, Alan Bates, Ronald Pickup
(22:00 - 00:00) Catching a Killer || The Search for Natalie Hemming on 4SevenHD GB [Crime,Reality] (2017)
Following the Thames Valley Police's search for Natalie Hemming, who disappeared in May 2016. Her mother phoned 999 two days later, triggering what became one of the biggest missing persons searches in the history of Thames Valley Police. CAST:Anna H
(22:00 - 23:45) Fury on Sony Movies GB (2014) [15]
An inexperienced recruit joins a war-weary, cynical American tank crew fighting their way across Germany in April 1945. Stars Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman and Jon Bernthal. (2014)
(22:15 - 23:50) A Few Good Men on 5STAR GB (1992) [15]
Military drama starring Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson. A young naval lieutenant and a more experienced officer must defend two marines accused of murder. (1992)
(22:55 - 00:40) The Shrine on horror channel GB (2010) [18]
Cultist thriller starring Aaron Ashmore (Warehouse 13). When a young reporter goes looking for a missing girl in Poland, she uncovers a terrifying secret world of ritual and murder. (2010)
(22:55 - 00:45) Contract To Kill on Sony Movies Action GB [Action/adventure,Suspense/thriller,Teens] (2016)
CAST:Radu Andrei Micu, Russell Wong, Steven Seagal
(23:05 - 01:10) Punisher: War Zone on Film4 HD GB (2008) [18]
(2008) Ray Stevenson is Marvel anti-hero Punisher taking on Dominic West, who relishes playing the wise guy turned arch-nemesis Jigsaw in this gory, violent thriller. Strong language/drugs.
(23:20 - 01:45) Empire of the Sun on BBC 2 HDTV GB [Drama,Action/adventure,History,War] (1987)
A British boy gets trapped in Shanghai at the dawn of World War II and is interned in a Japanese prison camp, where he uses the skills he learned from a soldier-of-fortune to survive the harrowing ordeal. CAST:Joe Pantoliano, Ben Stiller, John Malkov
(23:30 - 01:00) The Hostage on Talking Pictures TV GB [Mystery & Suspense] (1956)
1956. Drama. A South American revolutionary is facing death for murder but the President's daughter in London is taken hostage. Starring Ron Randell. CAST:Anne Blake, Everley Gregg, Margaret Diamond
(23:45 - 01:50) To Sir, with Love on Sony Movies Classic GB [Drama] (1967)
Sidney Poitier gives one of his finest performances as an out-of-work engineer who turns to teaching in London's tough East End. CAST:Sidney Poitier, Grahame Charles, Stewart Bevan