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(06:00 - 08:00) JewelleryMaker Replay on Shopping Quarter GB [Other]
A replay of today's highlights.
(06:00 - 07:40) Saints and Sinners on Talking Pictures TV GB [Comedy,Drama] (1949)
Drama. Director: Leslie Arliss. Stars Kieron Moore, Christine Norden, Michael Dolan. Having served a prison sentence for stealing Church funds, Michael Kissane has lost his reputation and love.
(07:40 - 09:25) Jumping For Joy on Talking Pictures TV GB [Comedy,Romance] (1956)
1956. Comedy. Director John Paddy Carstairs. Stars Frankie Howerd, Stanley Holloway, Joan Hickson & Lionel Jefferies. A young dog racer who finds himself losing his job and his honour.
(09:25 - 11:15) Elizabeth of Ladymead on Talking Pictures TV GB [Drama] (1949)
Drama. Stars: Anna Neagle, Hugh Williams & Michael Lawrence. Ladymead is the gracious Georgian mansion in which Elizabeth lives while her husband's fighting abroad.

(11:00 - 13:25) Legend of the Lost on Film4 HD GB (1957)
(1957) Adventure starring John Wayne, Rossano Brazzi and Sophia Loren. A guide, a treasure-seeker and his sultry companion set out in search of a lost city in the Sahara.
(11:00 - 12:50) Apocalypse Of Ice on horror channel GB (2020)
Sub-zero scares. When a polar vortex threatens to cover the planet with ice in the middle of a viral pandemic, a family must make their way to a safe zone at the equator. (2020)
(11:15 - 12:50) Come Back Peter on Talking Pictures TV GB [Comedy] (1952)
Comedy. Director: Charles Saunders. Patrick Holt, Peter Hammond, Humphrey Lestocq, Kathleen Boutall & Charles Lamb. Pandemonium is created in a country house when various relatives come to stay.
(12:50 - 14:40) We'll Smile Again on Talking Pictures TV GB [Comedy,Musical] (1942)
Musical. Stars Bud Flanagan, Chesney Allen & Meinhart Maur. Nazi spies infiltrate a film studio for sending coded messages but foiled by two of the studio staff.
(13:00 - 14:50) Earthfall on horror channel GB (2015)
As the planet is pulled out of orbit causing catastrophic disasters across the world, Steve Lannon (Joe Lando) is determined to reunite with his family. (2015)
(13:25 - 16:10) 49th Parallel on Film4 HD GB (1941)
(1941) World War II drama starring Laurence Olivier and Glynis Johns. Six German soldiers attempt to reach the still-neutral USA after becoming stranded in Canada when their U-boat is sunk.
(13:30 - 15:15) Santa's Squad on Channel 5 GB (2020)
An out of work teacher is forced to take a job with the Santa Squad to bring the magic of Christmas into the lives of a widower and his two daughters. (2020)
(14:40 - 16:15) Escape By Night on Talking Pictures TV GB [Crime Drama,Drama,Crime] (1953)
Crime. Stars Bonar Colleano, Sid James, Andrew Ray, Ted Ray, Simone Silva. An ace reporter with a drinking problem tracks a gangster on the run.
(15:15 - 17:00) Dashing Home For Christmas on Channel 5 GB (2020)
An overworked business consultant is determined to make it home for Christmas, but after a series of setbacks, she asks a business traveler for a ride. (2020)
(16:00 - 17:50) The Bone Eater on horror channel GB (2007)
Marrow-munching shocker with Bruce Boxleitner (Tron) and Gil Gerard (Buck Rogers). A Native American legend is unearthed, unleashing a vengeful skeleton-stealing killing spree on a small town. (2007)
(16:10 - 18:35) White Christmas on Film4 HD GB (1954)
(1954) Classic festive musical. Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye star as ex-servicemen who stage a musical to save their former commanding officer's skiing business. With Rosemary Clooney.
(16:15 - 18:00) Love Me Tender on Talking Pictures TV GB [Drama,Musical,Romance,Western] (1956)
Drama. Director: Robert D Webb. Stars Richard Egan, Debra Paget & introducing Elvis Presley. At the end of the Civil War, a Confederate team is ordered to rob a Union payroll train.
(18:35 - 21:00) Charlotte Gray on Film4 HD GB (2001)
(2001) World War II thriller. Cate Blanchett stars as a secret agent sent to occupied France to aid the Resistance against the Nazis. But she has her own agenda. With Michael Gambon.
(21:00 - 23:15) The Spy Who Dumped Me on Film4 HD GB (2018) [15]
(2018) Network Premiere. Action-comedy with Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon. Two friends become embroiled in espionage after one discovers her ex was a spy. Strong language/violence/nudity.
(21:00 - 23:00) Intruders (2011) on horror channel GB (2011) [18]
Supernatural scares with Clive Owen. Two children - one in England and the other in Spain - are linked by a terrifying, faceless demon who wants to possess them both. (2011)
(21:00 - 23:15) The Spy Who Came in from the Cold on Talking Pictures TV GB [Drama,Suspense/thriller,Espionage,Teens] (1965)
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(23:00 - 00:45) Xtro on horror channel GB (1982) [18]
Cult classic sci-fi video nasty. Three years after mysteriously disappearing, Sam's father comes home, but he soon realises that the man who returned is not his father - and not even human! (1982)
(23:15 - 01:10) Vivarium on Film4 HD GB (2019) [15]
(2019) Eerie sci-fi thriller starring Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots. A young couple find themselves trapped in a bizarre neighbourhood and must raise a mutant child to be set free.
(23:15 - 01:05) Flame In the Streets on Talking Pictures TV GB [Drama] (1961)
Drama. Stars John Mills, Sylvia Syms, Brenda De Banzie. Racial tensions manifest during Bonfire Night in the West Indian community of post-war Britain.